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  • Do you give free estimates?
    Yes, in most cases we will come out to you and give you a free estimate on the services needed.
  • What form of payments do you accept?
    We accept cash or credit/debit from first time customers.
  • How will pressure washing my house help it's value?
    Pressure washing your home is considered home maintenance and "boosts your appraised value".
  • I need junk removal and lawn care services, can you do them both in the same day?
    Yes, because we offer multiple services we have a great staff and crew to help meet those needs.
  • My yard always have weeds every year. Why?
    To maintain a good quality lawn, you must treat it all year round for the best results. Starting with a Pre- Emergent prior to spring.
  • Does it matter how short I cut my grass when I mow?
    It matters a lot. “Scalping” a lawn—mowing off more than one-third of the grass’s height—is the number-one lawn-care mistake that home owners make. Doing this sends grass into physiological shock, which leaves the lawn prone to invasion by weeds and less able to cope with drought and other environmental stresses.
  • How high should my grass be?
    For St. Augustine and bahia grasses and for cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass and perennial rye, three to four inches is generally best…for most Bermuda and zoysia, one to two inches.
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